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Press Release

Battle Rally launches in select territories on iOS and Android

For Immediate Release 


July 8, 2022 Koolhaus Games is proud to announce the release of their original mobile racing game, Battle Rally, available on both Android and iOS in select countries. Battle Rally is currently downloadable in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, as well as Koolhaus’ home country of Canada, with plans for a global roll-out in the months to come.

Battle Rally is a free-to-play mobile racing game, providing an exciting blend of speed and shooting action, challenging players to defeat their opponents by any means necessary. Upgrade and customize your favorite racers and bring them to battle in exotic levels, gathering resources through action-packed gameplay. Players can race and battle their way through a robust Campaign mode, unlocking new worlds and racers in a variety of race types including Time Trial, Knockout, and Versus game modes.

As Vancouver, Canada’s longest established independent game development studio with over 17 years of experience in the mobile gaming industry, Koolhaus Games is excited to bring Battle Rally to players around the world. Battle Rally was developed with partial financial support from the Canada Media Fund.

You can view gameplay footage for Battle Rally here, and follow along on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about the game.

For more information please contact: ctuff@koolhausgames.com